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Vivienne | 16 | ♍ | NYC |Anime Artist | Grizzly Bear Cub | African-American

Birthday: September 2, 1998

Welcome with warm hugs!~ :iconyuihugplz: I love making new friends, so don't be shy to talk to me at any time~ :giggle:
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Are you an only child or do you have siblings? :3 

46 deviants said Stuck with some crazy siblings -v-
10 deviants said Stuck alone .w.
6 deviants said OTHER SITUATION? [COMMENT]

Do you have a favorite cereal?~ 

11 deviants said I don't eat cereal/my favorite cereal isn't listed [COMMENT]
6 deviants said Cookie Crisp
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4 deviants said Cherrio's
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Let's clear things out.

If you've read my last journal here: Am I the only one who feels this way...Hey!~
I would just like to rant just a tiiiiiiny bit on my feelings towards art.
What I am about to say may sound very...'corny' if I should describe it in that way.
I could feel an artist's passion through their characters. My spirit could literally sense if someone really loves what they are doing through their characters (in other words if they're being genuine). Many, many, many times I have encountered characters that were made by 'makers' or 'dress-ups' or 'generators' in which I have cringed and I could NOT get myself to draw them as well as I should/could. No matter how hard I've tried.  And I would think that there was something wrong with me. Whereas there were characters whom were drawn pretty much by amateurs BY HAND. And I applaude that. I really applaude when people try and when they take pride in their own strokes instead of depending on 'pre-made strokes made by an expert in an Adobe Flash program'.

You would find that writers would get offended/misunerstood on what I meant.
I it again...PERSONALLY (this is something within ME ONLY) feel uncomfortable using a described character or generated character. I mean, hey, I can't change that what is true to me. I don't believe I am 'bitching' or 'shitting' on anyone. If you are a writer who uses generators to give artists 'BASIC IDEAS' on how their characters look, then that is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY. I was talking about people who really don't give a crap about their efforts and ARE NOT writers and just want to put a thing there and call it 'their own thing'.

I don't know if this will clear it up, but I don't want to get on anyone's bad side because I had a deep feeling about something. I felt as if I was jumped on xp

Sorry for offending writers. I am a writer too, you know. I just believe that my literature wouldn't be read if I posted it so haha.

Also, this may also be a rant to release some stress I've been having since school started and I haven't been able to really express myself. I need some sleep...



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Check out the artwork that these wonderful artists have drawn for me~♥
BG Vivi-Chuu by Light-in-Dark56For the Chuu by YoukahAG - Fury Levanael Sky Lord [GIFT] by AmonKillianbirthday surprise gift for vivichu by digiwolf12Iiv by Sarusaurus[c] Vivi-chuu by hello-planet-chanCommission: Vivi-chuu by TakaneTan[Raffle Prize]: Makai Pixel Pagedoll by SaekiSekaiThere Go Kai by SugarSugar332Gift Chibi Vivi by Rootienut[COMM]: Delvin and Saku by DrakoshiVivi-chuu Commission by SarusaurusCommission For Vivi-Chuu by SugarSugar332
[COMM]: Mashiro by DrakoshiCommission: Hunter by SammyJustNobodyNever giving up! by Kuroshitju-AdoptsVivi-Chuu by MikizxcSketch Commission Batch 1 by ShinshiteKI[ Coms ] SakuxDelvin and Mashiro by CaptainMisuzu
Commission | Vivi-Chuu pt1 by Shintini-konamaiCommission | Vivi-Chuu pt2 by Shintini-konamaiBatch 4 sketch practice by ChibiChanDesu
:bigthumb469398984:[C] Vivi-Chuu - Zack-kun~ by haracchiiComission for vivi-chuu by veronica1134[PC]Vivi-Chuu by Luxiella2nd place Raffle prize chibi Zack by Caspain-BassetVivi-chuu Commission by Pear-tree
Vivi and Daemonic Neko by Daemonic-NekoPCOM9: Vivi-Chuu 1/2 by BootsiiMishu as a merman by Gamemaster999Mashiro COMM by AmonKillianKeiji COMM by AmonKillian

[Request] My Darling Doll by FakeTsukiC: Lusk x Yasashi by Absolute-King
C: Chibi Keiji Moto by Absolute-KingKai Satou by IkiChanC: Zack Shirkov by strawberry-choco
C: Kai Satou by strawberry-chocoCommission: Vivi-chuu by TakaneTanHeadshot commision for Vivi-Chuu by haiircurlers
[Art-Trade] Vivi-Chuu by KittyKurtPC ~ Mishu and Hunter - ViviChuu by BansheeSoelCom: Vivi-Chuu by M0momoM0
Excelsior! Now You're MINE by icefeatherartistCommission: Chibi Mishu by Hitagii-chan
Chibi Commission for Vivi-Chuu by Lilou-samaCommission Chibi Mishu by MariPocketCommission : Vivi-chuu's OC Iiv by KiyomizuKimiko
Point Commission - Vivi-Chuu by Kith-CathCOMMISSION FOR  Vivi-Chuu OF HER Oc As Friends by SuikbrainloveCommission For Vivi-Chuu by MysterGlasses
Friendship Me And Vivi Chan by Suikbrainlove.PC. Jason and Mishu by Rodgier-XDCOM : Vivi-chuu 2/2 by meccchiHalfbody commission - Vivi-Chuu by ShinshiteKI
:pc: Vivi-Chuu by drawwithme15Commission: Jason by cookiestruck
commission thingy - Vivi-Chuu by kiwibunny1Commission: Mishu by LightGaiaPhoenix:PC::Vhirous: by Nerux3
doodle commission for Vhirous by piyoaJason by LightGaiaPhoenixCommission: Mishu by cookiestruck
Commission for vhirous by beng-beng-chanPoints Commission -Chibi Jason- by Hitagii-chanCommission:Jason by wafflerp
Points Commission -Fullbody Jason- by Hitagii-chanPCom Vhirous 1 by NovaSwordPCom Vhirous 2 by NovaSwordJason - Commission by Wacky06
Mishu - Commission by Wacky06

Avatar by TakaneTan
Vivi-chuu Commission by TakaneTan

Avatars by drawwithme15
:pc: Vivi-chuu [2] by drawwithme15:pc: Vivi-chuu [3] by drawwithme15:pc: Vivi-Chuu1 by drawwithme15:pc: Vivi-Chuu2 by drawwithme15

Avatars by Artimist-Chan
Pixel Comm: Vivi-Chuu by Artimist-ChanPixel Comm: Vivi-Chuu (2) by Artimist-ChanPixel Comm: Vivi-Chuu (3) by Artimist-Chan

Avatars by Crackar
Seiji by CrackarMashiro by CrackarMishu by CrackarSaku by CrackarDelvin by Crackar

Avatar by Limachuu
:PC: Vivi-Chuu Avvie by Limachuu

Avatar by M0momoM0
C: Vivi-Chuu by M0momoM0

Avatar by Shirou-san


~Latest Artwork~

:.Type 4 Raffle Icons Batch.: by Vivi-Chuu[CHARACTER SHEET] Lexer Schwartz by Vivi-ChuuG: Happy Birthday to icefeatherartist by Vivi-Chuu





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